Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mission of Mercy

I stumbled across this little ditty the other day: Pseudo nekkid Mormons!

Sorry - pseudo nekkid Mormon's with six packs. ....and not the beer. Because they don't drink, ya know.

Apparently, just like Falcon movies, it is against the law to have any kind of body hair in Utah.

I don't know much about Mormonism - only what comes from the Osmonds, the Romneys, Big Love and Angels in America. But this I know - why aren't they posing in their 'sacred undergarments'? Let's see what protects them physically and spiritually. C'mon!!!! Throw something to the fans!

I am doubtful that these are actual Mormons. No, I'm guessing just some waxed Ken doll-like men who needed the money to pay off their student loan, or to get enough cash to get to the Big Apple so they can make it as a STAR!

....and when that fails, well, then eventually porn, g0-go dancing and a series of out-calls.

Song by: the Motels

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