Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Midnight Wind

With all the news of Heath Ledger, the Democratic debates and the complete decimation of my 401k (thanks Nikkei index!) it was probably easy to overlook another death: John Stewart.

Yes, you might know him as the guy who had a 1978 hit with Stevie Nicks singing harmony on "Gold", but he was a lot more than that.

A former member of the folk group, the Kingston Trio, he found other success as the songwriter of the Monkees' "Daydream Believer". But yes, in 1978, some of the Fleetwood Mac members rekindled Stewart's career by producing a minor hit disk Bombs Away Dream Babies.

Actually, it's a pretty decent disk at that. Though "Gold" was most likely a radio hit due only to Nicks' popularity at the time, there were far better songs. The title of this post is one, but actually all of side one (for you CD-only set, vinyl used to have two sides) - but I am a huge fan of "Runaway Fool of Love".

I'm also a huge fan of his song, "Runaway Train", which was a #1 hit for Rosanne Cash back in 1987. It is one of Cash's best recorded songs, if I say so myself (though she hilariously screwed it up when I saw her in concert a few years back).

Anyway. He's dead. Of an aneurysm. It's tougher to check out his work, as it is not as readily available - but if you can, I would suggest you at least try.

Song by: John Stewart

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Anonymous said...

Loved that LP! Gold is the only song I can remember right now, but my friend Erich had the album and we listened to it smoking herb in his basement.

Hey, it was the 70s!