Thursday, January 10, 2008

We Both Go Down Together

I missed a day of posting......that's odd.

I guess I do every once in awhile. Sometimes due to lack of anything to say. Sometimes due to work and travel. This time I think it is a combination of both.

But I am in DC and have been all week. GREAT weather. Yeah - I saw an Inconvenient Truth, but it's hard to get mad about all that shit when it is January and in the 70s. They say it is our children who will have to pay for global warming - but hell, I don't have any kids.

Last night I was looking for a place to have dinner and stumbled upon this place on 14th NW, just a few blocks from my hotel.

How could I not eat here?

The service was faster than fast and the food was great. It's in a borderline gay 'hood so the TV was playing Madonna's Confessions Tour concert footage. It doesn't get more gay than that - except for the gay and his hag sitting next to me. Jon would have loved to been with me where we would not say a word and just eavesdrop on their conversation.

song by: the Decemberists


Anonymous said...

LOL - best one yet!

Sydney has about a billion Thai places. Some that I remember:

Thai Riffic
My Thai
Thai the Knot

Anonymous said...

Geo remembered Thai me up Thai me down

Anonymous said...

In San Diego we had Thai Foon...