Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blowin' in the Wind

Last night, I didn't get to sleep at all. No. Noooooo.

I got back into Cleveburgh just in time though. The approach of the jet was kind of rough, but the landing was ok. ...but a storm was a-movin' in.

We ended up with 'high wind warnings', but I didn't really know that until the middle of the night. Or the beginning of the night, I guess.

Howling would be more appropriate. If we didn't have a ceeee-ment house (or whatever it's made out of), I would assume shingles and aluminum siding would be strewn across our yard at this very moment.

I was more surprised that we had power this morning. But I knew we did, as I continually looked over at the clock to see what time it was and how much time elapsed since I had looked at it before - calculating how long I had not been asleep.

We did not have cable this morning. Or internet. Nor were half the traffic signals in service as I drove to work. It's hard to navigate the four-way stop thingy when the roads at the intersections are 2-3 lanes wide. It was anarchy I tellz ya!

So my days in the DC area (again. or is it still?) with temps of 45-50 degrees are back in the low teens here and in sub-zero digits when it comes to windchill.

Yes. These times they are a-changin'.

Song by: Bob Dylan

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't that a hella-crazy windstorm?! I thought the windows were going to rattle so hard they would break. Our only casualty was our OSU flag - the pole broke off at the bracket and was tangled uncermoniously in a downspout.