Friday, December 07, 2007

Stop, In the Name of Love

We've been in this house for how long now? Yet we are still getting the old tenant's right-winged mail. I'm sure it's the same stuff my little sister gets - the difference is, we're inheriting it....she subscribes.

I've posted some of his weird ass stuff before - and yes, usually during election season. Unfortunately the 2008 election cycle started about 18 months ago.

This new selection is from John LeBoutillier, some former U.S. Congressman. His claim to fame is he won a seat.........27 years ago! No doubt for one term only. I'm not even bothering to Gooogle his sorry ass.

Anyhoo....with him and no doubt some of his cronies, he has a campaign (and website) called STOPHillary.

Much of what's in the newsletter is on the site: Militant feminism. Wellesley lesbianism. Goldwater Republicanism. Too liberal. Hippie.

I'm not supporting Hillary. At least not yet. I'm not supporting anyone as of yet. It's too early and no one is jumping out ahead of the pack. At least not for me. I'm still hope Bloomberg will enter the race as an Independent.

The letter goes on to say "we are going to defeat Hillary Clinton." I'm not sure who 'we' are - and who 'they' are going to use to defeat Hillary.

Sounds like someone's got a bad case of the Cooties.

Song by: The Supremes

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