Saturday, December 01, 2007


I've never been a big proponent of 'days'.

I've never thought 'a day' could or would change the world. I don't know that any disease or issue truly benefits from one single day per annum. I could be wrong. I am sure there are stats somewhere to tell me this.

The only one comparable to World AIDS Day (which is today), would be Breast Cancer - and they have a month.

The one flaw in 'a day' approach is that for 364 sun-ups to sun-downs, most people do not think of it again. Most don't on the designated day. The ones who truly do are the ones affected by it - and think of it every single day....because they have to. Be it they are living with, suffering from or lost someone to, the disease.

Don't make everyday a World AIDS Day necessarily - but be more aware and more compassionate. Be more vocal when you have the chance.

As Bono says (I typed Bobo): "we have to carry each other......carry each other" . Just not for one day. But it's a start.

Song by: U2

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alto said...

" but be more aware and more compassionate. Be more vocal when you have the chance".

I think your point is so key. Having done prevention work for over a decade, while I see the daily reality for positive people better than it was, the level of acceptance is still not where it could be, the rift between positive and negative is still concerning, and the unfair judgements around those who become infected don't add anything helpful to a picture of managing this disease in all the various ways that if infects and affects people in their daily lives.