Sunday, December 09, 2007

Dear G-d

This was the weekend for religious events that never were.....nor events that never came to be.

First would be another work holiday party I was supposed to attend. Again, since it was a group event that I took part in none of the planning led to the doorstep of Puko du Peppo (see an earlier post this week for a related story).

Still reeling from said story, though I felt obligated to go - one for my staff and two for feeling guilty of leaving my regional medical director with the staff - I was talked out of going due to my continued recovery from last week's illness.

While being somewhat relieved, I had already been planning what to do in an afternoon in Cincinnasti. One was to visit my friend Kris and her husband. While they are great people, I wouldn't use them as blog fodder (probably). However, not too too far from them would be the Creation Museum. I figured $20, a few hours and my digital camera would give my readership a week's worth of entries. Alas, it was not meant to be.

Instead, I stayed home and took it relatively easy. We did however go and see The Golden Compass. I'll probably blog about that separately. But suffice to say - if the catholic church tells folks not to go - you may as well just FedEx me a frickin' ticket!

After the movie though, piping over some sound system, I heard some g-d awful song about Christmas in America. I wish I could remember the lyrics. Googling does no help in copying/pasting them. The 'artist' (which I believe was Kenny Rogers) has not allowed them to be published. Let's just put it this way - it made Lee Greenwood sound like Marilyn Manson.

The night ended with going to a guitar recital for my niece (again, it will be a separate posting). One of the participants sang one of their own compositions, Happy Birthday Jesus.

Spare me.

Song by: XTC


RJ March said...

You are NEVER to use the word "artist" in association with Kenny Rogers. EVER.

I think I'm going to be sick....

Kris said...

Not blog fodder? Creation Museum? I'm speechless. I'm not even going to comment on the post-grad thing.