Saturday, December 08, 2007

Rock n Roll High School

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Seriously! I don't know if this says more about my writing ability or your reading comprehension. Unfortunately, I think it is the former.

Granted, I end up posting pictures and snippets of other web-related things on there and do normally expound heavily using things like verbs, adjectives or subjects and nouns, but Elementary School?

Je don't think so.

I did a quick entry of a number of other blogs and some fair better than Blobby does - but surprisingly not much consistency:

Rebecca - well, she must sit next to me in class.
The Daily Kos - Junior High level
Glenn - same as Kos. But in fairness, he teaches junior high (I think)
RJ - is the cool high school kid
Kris - Post Grad level?? SOOO unfair!!!! Self-admittedly she doesn't even try anymore!
Moby - well, everytime I put in his URL, it takes down the system.
Steve - he's in the same class as Rebecca and myself.

I'm not sure the criteria of how they rate the reading level of the sites in question. It brings back a rating almost immediately. I don't see how it has the opportunity to scan a few dozen or hundreds of posts for grammar or sentence structure.

WHATEVER! ....I might be a bit bitter.

Song by: the Ramones


Steve said...

LOL. I've gone down a notch. Cuz when I did it a few weeks ago, I was Junior High. It must be my sailor's tongue? :P

By the way, I don't think I knew about this blog? I found it through links on my technorati

I think I go to wordpress when I comment to you :P

RJ March said...

Didja do me? That's so funny. I was a tad disappointed with only a high school accreditation, but if there's anyone out there blogging like a teen-aged girl, it's me.

rebecca said...

Whilst lying on your tummy, RJ, your slippered feet crossed in the air behind you and talking on your princess phone?

Me blog at an elementary level? That's unpossible!

(Wow, that's TWICE now I've gotten that in my comments today! Yeah, great gag.)