Monday, December 03, 2007

Scenes From an "Italian" Restaurant

Italian is in quotes as I don't believe Puko du Peppo (as I am now calling it) would truly be considered anything more than a pig trough with marinara. If you haven't been there, I would not suggest it - for the food or the ambiance.

Seasons back, when Moe Sizlak wanted to change his bar to a restaurant (and competed with the Texas Cheesecake Depository!) his commercial boasted that his eatery had 'a bunch of crazy crap on the wall' - well...think that....times 113,000.

Saturday evening, I entertained 66 other folks for a holiday party (the place was not my choice - I must go on record!). And though I cannot blame the food, as no one else got ill, I unfortunately did.

I am finding getting ill out of town is much worse than while you're in the comforts of home. While I can try to recuperate in a nicely appointed hotel room, unfortunately, I had to fly home after hours of no sleep and well........things you don't really want to hear about in any detail.

Suffice to say the Metro, my preferred route of transport, was not an option to get to the airport. As it was, I had the thrill of taking a cab and paying extra as I required extra stops just to make it to the airport. Pretty, huh?

I think worst was the actual plane ride. Twice during the flight I was overcome so much in heat, I thought I would surely pass out. As the flight was turbulent due to weather and against the glares of the bitchy flight attendant to remain seated, I had to get to the bathroom just to wet paper towels to not drop over.

During said flight, the illness and the overheating, I was thinking - it is not death that frightens me, but the here and now.

So here I home...on a school day....wrapped in a fleece blanket with a cat sleeping on the top of my chair behind me. Finally, I got some food into me 33 hours after this ordeal started.

It can only go up from here....right?

Song by: Billy Joel (and I am very very sorry for that)

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RJ March said...

Yeah, I could live without Joel's ENTIRE song book.