Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Politics of Dancing

I don’t understand how people vote.

I mean – I do, but I don’t. Or don’t want to.

If I have to hear the words “Oprah and Obama” one more time I am going to fucking puke. …though there is a certain weirdness that the media always puts her name first. Is she running? You’d wonder.

When I actually can stomach having the tv or radio on during one of these stories, it never ceases to amaze me how short-sighted people are when it comes to picking a leader. I should not be surprised, but invariably, I always am.

Let me start off by saying that I think it is great that the barriers are coming down where people of color, women, Mormons and Jews can, and do, run for the office of the President. However, I do not think people should vote for them because they are people of color, women, Mormons or Jews. Should it be a factor? Perhaps. But most likely not.

The Romney / religion thing strikes me as odd. Not that he is Mormon, but that it is an issue. People see the religion as a cult….but they don’t see the same in Southern Baptists with some of their holy roller ways?

I do like how the media attempts to compare Mitt to JFK and how the latter was the first (only) catholic president….as if that mattered at all. Yes, he was catholic – one who lied, adultered and probably had people killed during his lifetime and presidency. I am not sure he’s the religious standard we want to benchmark anyone against.

But what I hear in the primary season stories are that the above mentioned reasons indeed why they are picking candidates. Or worse: because Oprah told me to.

On NBC the other night, a woman in South Carolina said she was on the fence about voting for Obama or Clinton….but after Oprah’s visit (which she was attending), she has decided to go for Obama. Maybe there are legitimate reasons for this – but they were never asked by the reporter. Or worse – if they were, they ended up on the editing room floor.

Flipping past Larry King on another evening, about 141 of the 1,258 Osmonds were on the show. ALL of them were voting for Romney.


I’m not saying he is superbly unqualified, but never once were they asked about his stance on anything or their rationale for choosing him as their candidate. One infers that they are doing it because they are (including said candidate) all Mormon. It might not be the reason, but I’d wager that is THE reason.

Polls say that a celebrity endorsement does not hold any weight in the election – but the Oprah train has left the station and whether those endorsements did or didn’t sway anything, the media is allowing Oprah to have this affect. She tells people what to and what not to read – and they DO it (or don’t).

And it should be noted that she has brought us the train wreck that is Dr. Phil.

I’m not saying that Barak is Dr. Phil, but I am saying that we are in the position we are in now (GWB) because most voters seem to be mindless sheep. So easily led.

Me? I haven’t picked a candidate. Why should I? By the time the Ohio primary comes around, the field will have dwindled to 2-3 folks. For the life of me, I do not understand why New Hampshire and Iowa hold so much weight for such small voter populations.

People will say they are the barometer for the rest of the country, but isn’t that only because we allow that to be?

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