Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Road

I just got back from the South.

I never think of southern Virginia as the deep south - but I believe that I might be wrong. The accents are not massively strong, but they are there.

The other things that exists are the right-winged politics, a love of GWB and/or his ways, confederate flags and everything cooked in lard.

My hotel room literally looked out over Liberty University - home of Dr. Jerry Fallwell. It is also his burial site. Had I been with folks who could have and would have backed me up, I'd be posting some footage of me dancing on his grave - literally. But, it's scary scary town for a growed-up homo like me. ...and Jer is buried right outside his office, so the chances of being tarred and feathered for attempting that .avi were probably like 4 in 10.

For as big as the city is (and it is much bigger than I ever anticipated), there are some stunted thought processes down there. And where had I thought I could get away with this and that to educate folks on their perceptions - I knew enough to lay low and not ripple the waters.

Shame on me.

Case in point - while at a very nice dinner, one of the staff of my new clinics said "I bet your wife thinks you're just eating a hamburger for dinner tonite". Now I have the ring, but I don't have the wife. But with a table of 30 who were all born and bred in VA, and this being my first encounter with them, I wasn't really willing to discuss my living arrangement or sexual preference orientation. I didn't really answer her, so I didn't lie - but I was hardly forthcoming or truthful.

But then in a town like this, it is like 1 against 1000, so you choose your battles - whether you like them or not. And it's business. Sometimes you zip the lip for the bottom line.

Shame on me, indeed.

That being said - I absolutely 100% regret not stopping when I saw the sign that said: Foamhenge. But by this point, I just wanted to get home (and btw...Saturns have the most uncomfortable seats ever!). This is a clinic site I might get to 2-3 times per year, unlike my others were are 2 times per month. When am I really going to have a chance to do that again?

Live for today people. Live for today!

Song by: Jackson Browne

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