Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's My Party

....well....our party, actually.

Last night we had our third annual holiday party in this house. Technically, our third holiday party ever. We never entertained much before moving here.

Around a week prior to, with the menu still unset, we decided maybe making a few hundred hors d'oeuvres might be time consuming as we were both working long hours and I was traveling. ....we found a caterer. For shame.

Actually, it worked out very well. We had them make 3-4 appetizers and then we prepared the cheese plate, the vegetable and dessert trays and then a fruit salad. It looked like enough food to feed a frickin' army.

I was very surprised to see how much food actually was consumed. I didn't eat any of the cheeses (and btw....can I tell you how sexy the Whole Foods cheese guy is?), and most of them disappeared. The bacon wrapped scallops? Gone. The new potatoes with sour cream and chives? Gone. The thai chicken satay? Not all gone, but a lot of it.

Various nuts and mix were inhaled too. THAT was mostly by me. I was busy opening wine and putting a head on everyone's glass. It seems everyone was a fan of white. I think we went through 6-7 bottles of that as opposed to 2 of red. Over a case of beer and then the hard liquor was all utilized also.

But the mood was jovial and only two couples didn't show. Unfortunately, one had a death in the family (a likely story!) and the other........well......they'll have some answering to do to me! For a group of folks who had little, if any, previous interaction, things went well - though I could have done with out the discussion from straight woman on how she waxes everything and how it doesn't really hurt - even when you get back to the anus. Her words - not mine!

I know I drank a lot. But I never really felt it. I think I was working more on adrenaline than anything.

Now we only have to do it all over again on Monday - for family. Minus all the liquor and talk on no anal pain body waxing. ....g-d, at least I hope!

Song by: Leslie Gore


Anonymous said...

Good times! I enjoyed meeting the new folk, and well, the old peeps do have a special place in my heart. Always.

The manse looked great, btw.

rebecca said...

Just make sure Robert Sr. doesn't have too much to drink, if you want to avoid the waxing talk!

It WAS beautiful and lovely. Did NOT get enough Bob & Matt; but then again, can you ever?

And I LOVED your festive holiday jumper with the reindeer on it, Blobby!