Saturday, March 03, 2007


I really wasn't planning on making this a work blog, but since I hadn't had a job in five months it gives me bunches of new material. But I will try to limit it. Bare with me. Hopefully on my travels I will have amusing anecdotes to relay, though I don't start traveling for two more weeks.

I did complete my first week though yesterday. I can't say it was an exciting week. You know how those first ones go: trying to find your way around, trying to learn what exactly your responsibilities are, and trying to coordinate with your boss who is still picking up the slack and too far in over his head to assist in a transition - even though his intentions are honourable.

But the company seems so positive. Great outlook and good camaraderie. All the things my last employer thought they had, but really only had entitlement which they took to the nth degree.

Yesterday, we celebrated a win. It was one of the things the CEO and I talked about during my interview. He said they don't do it enough. He might have taken that conversation to heart. So we had lunch yesterday - Mexican. Everyone participated. I brought in my salsa. Technically it's Dan Curry's salsa, but I haven't seen the man for 12-13 years and I took out his cilantro ingredient, so I'm calling it 'my salsa'.

It was nice just sitting around in our lunch area - which btw, has a massive Viking stove and subzero fridge units. Not too shabby.

After work though was the fun. Bowling. You heard me right. Bowling. Actually it wasn't after work - it was during work. We closed down at 3:30 (4:15p for me, due to a conference call) and went to a new hip bowling alley. The kind that have neon pins, coloured balls, R.E.M. (ugh, and Cher) playing over the P.A. system.

I had not been bowling in maybe 15-18 years. I think we took Jon to a Lane Avenue alley for his birthday. My goal this time was to break 100. It was not meant to be. I got a number of strikes and a few spares. Those were off-set by the one pin frames though. Sad sad sad.

The good news was, it was a great bonding experience. No one cared that anyone was bad at the game. Everyone had fun. About 35 of the 60 office staff participated. Oh! Budweiser makes beer bottles shaped like bowling pins. Did you know that? At one point those were the only pins I was knocking down......if you know what I mean. I do have to say, my hands are still stinging from all the high fives that went around each time anyone got a strike.

But here are some things I did learn during week one:
  • I have showered six out of the last seven days. Five of them in a row!!!! When unemployed - that is not a necessity. Smell ME!
  • Working the last five months on nothing but a Mac laptop, one forgets how to use a PC. Honest to g-d, I sat there going...' to I "copy" again?'. It was sad and funny.
  • I learned my boss is gay. I thought he was only particular, but it turns out that is just a trait of being a homosexual. I should know. His gold wedding band threw me, but it's true: gay.
  • I learned I was really wanted there. The two people who had openings both wanted me. I don't know how I ended up with the person I did. I kind of care, but not really. I doubt I'll ever ask.
  • I learned rush hour (on the way to work) sucks. I know, it's all new to me and it's more new nerves and anticipation than anything. My last job commute was 3-4 minutes door to door. This one has gone from 13 - 50 minutes depending on the day. The ride home is never longer than 12 minutes. Somehow there is no evening rush hour. Maybe they're all bowling.

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rebecca said...

We love bowling! The kids expecially. Though I must say, it's a bit hard on the old carpal tunnel.

How did you grow up in NE OH w/o bowling??? Next thing you're gonna tell us you don't polka, either...