Sunday, March 25, 2007

I've Changed My Mind

I've never really been pro-death penalty. I've never been pro-bible. But for those who are, are usually contradictory with the two. Though Shalt Not Kill or Eye for an Eye. Which is it? Well, it's usually which is most convenient. Abortion versus War. Abortion versus a convicted murderer.

It seems that the religious right only deems the sixth commandment necessary when it comes to embryos and sperm/egg hook-ups. And timing.

During the 2000 election season, Becky asked me about my thoughts on the death penalty. I'm usually against it. I was questioned on the 'usually' part. I don't think that lethal injection does anything to deter crime. I don't think criminals think that way. And I think there is too much of an error factor in our justice system to begin with.

Anyway, my 'usually' comment originated from a story of a man who forced someone to drink drain cleaner at gun point. Personally, I would rather he had just shot me.....but that's me. But the person died from the drain cleaner. In reality, the way that person died is not better or worse than what others have gone through - it just seemed at the time so harsh.

Here is where I'm fully for the death penalty: people who kill or torture pets. While working out the other day - all of the channels on the gym's televisions had news stations on. All were rife with pet food poisoning and the beheading and gift wrapping of a dog's head that was delivered to the little girl who owned him. My iPod was in so luckily I couldn't hear anything, but it was almost impossible to escape the images.

I don't know and I'm not implying that the rat poison in the pet chows were intentional. Clearly the dog beheading was.

FUCKING FREAK! Same with those who toss or burn kittens and what have you. For this kind of shit - I am ALL for the death penalty.

I'd be happy to plunge the syringe in myself.

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