Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cruisin' USA

Yes, I know you're thinking because of the title that this is going to be some kind of sex post - but you'd be wrong.

Cruisin' USA is a full-on arcade game, where players sit in a car seat and via video game, race from west coast to east, if you have have enough quarters or are a good enough driver to win free turns.

The first time I played this was at Jillian's Pool Hall. Slusser (that bastard owes me twenty bucks) and his then partner, Tom Q were in town. I don't know why and don't even remember if they stayed with us. I do remember ending up at Jillians, shooting pool, drinking beer and then Slusser got me to go 'drive'. I was horrible - probably because I was drunk. But the motion of the game made me queasy too.

Eventually, I got over that. Not during their visit, but with the multiple multiple times, per week, that I would go out drinking with my boss. We started driving drunk. A dollar at a time. Being a creature of habit, I'd always pick the same car and eventually knew the roads from the hills of San Francisco, through the redwoods and Chicago, that I'd eventually end up in DC partying in a hot tub on top of the White House with Bill Clinton. I kid you not - that is how the game ended if you won. Oh - and there were lots of scantily clad women in said hot tub.

But our lives change: Cruisin' USA games were eventually replaced by Cruisin' the World - which wasn't nearly as fun. My boss was fired. And I wasn't going out anymore - or at least to that degree. It's been years since I've played this game.

Imagine my surprise last night when my dream was about this. Over and over and over. The dreams wasn't as animated and I was following (or losing to?) Denton's BMW which was in the distance in front of me. I drove over a repeating loop of road that went through Hartford.

Now I've only been to Hartford proper twice. But on one trip, five years ago, I killed a day by walking a lot. It was a main road that went through downtown and up through some scary neighborhoods to Trinity College. Somewhere I had to pass a statue of Casimir Pulaski. This was all in the dream. Including a car crash and a police officer who was directing traffic around it.

I thought exercise was supposed to make you sleep better.


rebecca said...

I think they mean "regular" exercise. Not just once.

I've been having weird dreams lately too. Not this weird...but weird.

Blobby said...

I worked out again on Friday. 30 min on treadmill and 30 on the recumbent bike.