Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

They say in ironic celebrity deaths, that Keith Richards will die of natural causes.

He scares me. Clowns have nothing on this guy in the scare department. NOTHING.

That being said - he was about the sanest and most normal thing about the Rock and Roll Induction ceremonies last night. I couldn't watch....not for more than say 45 seconds at a time.

As Eileen Flowers would say: AWFUL!

I never even got to see Patti Smith or REM. I love when folks like Ronnie Spector say shit like 'my songs' 'my group'. my my my my. Honey - it wasn't all YOU. And then there's Van Halen - as if anyone still gives a shit.

But does Keith have a mirror that doesn't crack each time he passes by?


Kathleen... said...

Good lord, no kidding....

Anonymous said...

Here's terror. Keith in clown makeup.

rebecca said...

Sorry, I still love he.