Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Four Years Old

Blobby's Blog turns 4 years old today. Oh, I'm sorry - 48 mos old. He's still a toddler.

I'm sure there are many who would qualify me at being stunted at the 4 year old level...but hopefully the blog is coming along better than my own personal development.

Yes, I started this on the eve of the Iraq War - and my thoughts on it. It has gone from poorly written entries, to absolutely silly ones, to inactivity then to more consistently and hopefully better written.

Until I was updating the new look (yes! I know it's not up and running yet. Still trying to figure out how to export it), I had no idea how my blog entries broke down in terms of themes or categories. Granted these are self-identified topics, but Politics seems to be the outstanding winner. Music, Humour, Work, Friends and Uncategorized are the next biggest, though possibly not in that order.

It is not the funniest blog out there. It is not the most political blog out there. It certainly isn't the deepest blog in existence. But I hope you enjoy it anyway. At first it was a lark - but I am really enjoying writing it.


Sue said...

So, four years old. Would I be getting you a big wheels, or your first two wheel bike with training wheels? Congratulations!

RJ March said...

I am enjoying it muchly. Don't stop. Can't stop.