Friday, March 02, 2007

...let me hear your body talk....your body talk

Along with the new job comes a corporate membership to an attached health club. It's not the best looking club, and not unlike we've both seen better days, but hell it's only $10/month. Oh - and on day one, the job provided me with a work out bag, t-shirt and gym shorts. They really want me to be healthier. But to be fair, I work in the healthcare field, so it kinda makes sense.

But working out is one of those non-resolutions I had for this year. I love riding my bike, but this is north east Ohio, so the season is finite. And the bike doesn't really work the upper body.

The odd thing about working out near/at your place of employment is doing it with people you work with. At some point you're going to run into them. Do I want them to see me in shorts - or worse, the shower? Do I want to see them?

It gets odder. The majority of my co-workers use the facility and actually make a concerted efforts to work out together. Yoga. Pilates. Core training. 45 minute Boot Camp. They do it all. They are encouraging me to join them - and you know what, I probably will.

Listen, I can be shamed and peer pressured into a better body. I'm not better than that.


Anonymous said...

Where the hell was that poster? Folded up and tucked away in your sock drawer? Did it hang above your bed so you could say "Night John" before you tumbled off into sweet dreams of JT's pelvis thrusting?

Sue said...

I used the health club at my old work. You get used to seeing the other employees there. You even can make some friends. It happens.

Anonymous said...

Never refuse the oppurtunity to check out talent,you may be pleasantly surprised.