Friday, March 30, 2007

Office View

Ok, technically it's not MY office view. But it is from a small conference room,opposite side of my office. I can see Lake Erie from my desk, but it looks east - not west. (click image to make bigger.)

This is actually a northwest view.

For those who might not know - the orange thingy is just Cleveland Stadium. That's what it's called. It has to be one of the few (if not the only) stadiums that doesn't have a corporate name. I find it to be a HUGE waste of money. It was built less than 10 yrs ago, but with no retractable dome. In a town where we get snow starting in October and it can keep going through May. And no one uses it but the Cleveland Browns. Eight times a year!!!! maybe two exhibition games. We don't have post-season play because the team sucks canal water, as my cross-country coach used to say. My indignation probably doesn't help that I couldn't give a crap about pro-football.

At least at the old Cleveland Stadium, they used to also have the Indians and some rock concerts. I did go to a World Series of Rock where I was oh so drunk and high. I'll try to remember who it was 1978. Fleetwood Mac, The Cars, Eddie Money & Todd Rundgren. Not in that order. I'm sure the Cars one knew them back then. It was an all day event.

One of my cousins works in the smaller black building in the foreground. I'm not close to many of my cousins - but he's a good guy and we are going to try to have lunch once a month or so. We'll see.

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