Monday, March 19, 2007

Site of the Month

I cannot even tell you when I've found my own site of the month. I've been dependent and at the mercy of friends to help identify what eventually becomes my monthly pick. I even have a few that are in holding pattern just waiting for a new month to arrive.

Believe it or don't - but the site of the month isn't about nekkid girly mudflaps (is that one word?). Well kind of. This is the new nekkid girly mudflaps. Something for the rest of us:

Nutsacks. And why not have yours hanging from your vehicle?

It is amazing how many sites there are selling these. Ok...I know of two. But who knew there were that many? I guess I don't have the vision for product development and marketing.

Naturally you can get them in flesh colour - but there are also brass balls and blue balls. There are also camo ones with a 'support the troops' ribbon on them. Trust me, if I'm supporting the troops and the military and balls are involved - I can find a better way to show my appreciation.

I do believe my favourite is this one: It's not enough to just do this with a sense of humour. Isn't one of the ideal of the GOP is to have less government and to stay out of public lives???

...ok....when you get done laughing over that'll get another chuckle to know that at least one politico finds these decorations to be 'a serious problem'. Is it because the terrorists have bigger balls than we do?

...btw...Denton gets the shout-out for the sites and the Post article.

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