Friday, February 23, 2007

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (I don't)

Ok. That last part is a lie.

So I had to go to the local grocery store yesterday. It is the one where everyone shops - including furry gay men (it's a long story...don't axe).

I knew that Megamillions was getting up there, but I never hear if anyone ever wins. Though most the stores sell tickets and have these placards to tell how much is in the jackpot, if anything is ever written in to begin with, it is usually a few drawings old. They just do not update.

Well I don't bet regularly. Usually it has to be in the eight digit range to get my attention. I mean - who can retire on $53 million?? That's crazy! But the kiosk is on the way out of the store, so I stop and ask 'how much Megamillions is this week?'.

Can anyone guess what the answer was? I know one person who can. (Actually, I know four.)

As g-d is my witness, the clerk replied, "It's always dollar."

Since this has happened to me before and has been a running joke for 16 years (yes, January 1989!), I could not help but laugh. She realized the error in a nano-second, but I probably made her feel bad due to my laughing. Honestly I wasn't laughing at her, though she didn't know it. I'll make it up to her when I cash-out the big pay day.

(on a completely unrelated note - I woke up with Depeche Mode's 'Black Celebration' playing in my head.)

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Anonymous said...

Dith will be wearing a big grin for the rest of the morning. Thanks for the love, Blobby.