Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Beautiful Red Dress

I have a friend who has a sister. She is a bit more conservative than said friend, but is the most liberal of his other family. As they visited and discussed potential 2008 nominees, the sister said she didn't think Hillary should be elected as that no woman should be control of 'the button' - due to their emotional state, not their logical one.

While I assume that Aunt Flo stopped visiting Hillary a several years ago, I was kind of taken aback that people still and really felt this as being a legitimate reason - pre or post menopausal. With me being a man who has four sisters, it never occurred to me as being rational thinking, and yet this was coming from a woman.

'The button' isn't under a glass case that one just flips up and pushes. It's not Commissioner Gordon's phone to Batman! It's not the Easy button from Staples. I don't think these things can be pushed at a whim, cramp or hot flash!

There are legitimate reasons to question Hillary's candidacy - but riding the cotton pony isn't one of them.

The exchange got me thinking of a Laurie Anderson song, "Beautiful Red Dress" from her album, Strange Angels. The red dress isn't a dress at all. It's a metaphor. ...and please plant tongue, firmly in cheek.
Well they say women shouldn't be the president
Cause we go crazy from time to time
Well push my button baby here I go
Yeah look out baby
I'm at high tide


rebecca said...

Spoken like someone who's never had PMS!!

Blobby said...

Not unlike Dave Foley - I have a good attitude towards mensturation.

LSL said...

Thanks for being surprised that people still think like this. Scary that your friend is the most liberal of her family!

It's not like we're unaware when we have PMS. We want to kill someone while eating chocolate and crying, but we know exactly why we want to do that. Jeepers! Give me a break!