Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The DNC is as bad as any other money raising organization. I contribute to them when I can or when I think the effort is worthwhile. For years, with their spineless faction, I decided to directly gave to candidates I believed in and ignored the DNC. Since Mr./Dr./Gov. Howard Dean has been in place, I've helped out a bit more. Until I lost my job.

Two weeks ago I told the DNC to 'take me off their call list'. They were NOT happy. They had gone through their entire schpiel about how they drained all their funds and resources from the November elections and did I know how important having a democratic congress was? Blow me! Don't talk down to me!

I explained to them that I was currently unemployed and when I could give, I would give. The chick on the other end of the phone was unrelenting. Like any money asking organization, they just start paring down the amount that one could give. After a few 'no' answers, I just got nasty. I lied and said, 'are you gonna help pay my mortgage when I give you my last $50?'. Then I told her to take me off their list.

Over the weekend I got a DNC survey of issues asking for my input. Mind you - the top portion of the survey is a contribution section. I'll assume the more I check, the more they consider my responses. If nothing is checked, I bet my survey goes right in the shredder.


rebecca said...

We had to get tough with the Boston Aquarium recently. Their number kept coming up EVERY NIGHT at dinner time -- finally I picked up, only to find out...yes, it's true! ... our membership was ABOUT TO EXPIRE!

When I asked if two weeks' worth of haranguing phone calls was really necessary, the guy on the other end said, "Well, some people really don't want their memberships to expire!"

I said I'd renew as soon as they got some new fish for us to look at. I'm sick of the old ones.

Sue said...

At least my alma mater was a bit more understanding. I told them I was on a fixed income now (disability) and would be unable to donate as I had in the past. That was pretty hard to tell to a perky college junior who was at the beginning of her life. I've only gotten letters since then.

I am sure that the DNC will pay the most heed to your survey if the amount of THE check is high.