Sunday, February 04, 2007

Puppy Bowl III

Breaking News Flash: I don't give a rat's ass about the Uber Bowl. Shocking, but true.

Not that I'm much of a pro-football fan anyway, but it's hard to get jazzed up about two teams that you know little about and care less than that. Even my brother-in-law, who is pretty die-hard with his sports watches for the commercials.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), Animal Planet shows the Puppy Bowl at the same time. They throw a dozen or so puppies on a faux gridiron to romp around with chew toys and balls. The puppies wrestle and play. Now and again, they head over to the clear water bowl, where there is a camera situated right underneath. Not a lot cuter than a close-up of a puppy's tongue lapping up the water.

Well there is: The Kitty Half-Time Show.

I think the entire thing is 60 or 90 minutes and Animal Planet just keeps replaying it. It's cute. It's fun. It's better than a Budweiser ad.


Anonymous said...

We're watching it right now. It is about the cutest thing ever! We thought we'd just take a look since it was halftime, and we've had it on for about 15 minutes and just can't stop.

Can't wait for kitty halftime!

Sue said...

I suppose you already know about:
You just can't stop the cute.

Anonymous said...

Who knew???? So sorry I missed it.

Anonymous said...

I like the part where they vacuum the field between sessions. Bissell is way cuter than Budweiser!