Monday, February 26, 2007

It's a New Dawn...It's a New Day

...and I'm feelin' good.

Today is my first day of work. Well, first day since October 2006.

I have to tell you - these last two weeks I've been more nervous and out of sorts than my entire unemployment.

As predicted in September/October 2006, I would start getting bites on new jobs after the first of the year. Any business tied to January fiscal calendar start was not going to be hiring the last quarter of the year - so I had to wait. I mean, I didn't wait - I looked, but got nowhere. But come early January, things started moving.

I don't want to look a gift-horse in the mouth or sound like I'm complaining - I just got three decent nibbles all at once. When I only had one, I was thrilled with it. When I was into that process and got a second one, I started questioning my own decision making. The 'what-ifs'. The "if/or". Add a third contender to the mix and I became paralyzed with fear, insecurity and downright panic. Part of my apprehension was financial. Part revolved around benefits. Part was the devil you know. And part was what would be a really cool job. For me the stress was horrible.

For added discomfort, it really came down to timing. Jobs offered, jobs proposed and a late contender from left field. Logistically I was trying to figure how to put off A until I hear what C says. Then B upgrades from a proposed job to a real real one and naturally they need to fast track it. Fudge (but I didn't say 'fudge')!! Turns out there is no easy way to do this with out pissing someone(s) off.

I somewhat hedged my bets and let company A go. Though they were the most lucrative, in the long run I don't think it would have been the best fit. Company B was the devil I knew. Promises of great career advancement and projects at which I could excel. But I had to really remind myself of the environment that existed before. I felt I was blinding myself to a job prospect and the end of my severance.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), company C was very cool with everything. They entered late into this picture and I was very up front where I stood in my processes. They stepped up to the plate, getting me in earlier than anticipated and putting out an offer as soon as possible.

It's not my nature to strong arm this way. I know people do it to press for an answer and make themselves more desirable, but as a hiring manager those tactics never worked on me...why should they work for me? I was up front about that too. But they came through. Though financially, it was the lowest offer, it is the best job.

I am excited about the job. I'm nervous about the job. But unlike the previous two weeks, it's good nerves.

My blogging habits are going to shift here I'm sure. The job entails 50% travel and I will have to adjust to not having my entire day free. But you will hear from me.


Sue said...

Let me be the first to comment: Best of luck on your new job! Get in there and knock 'em dead!!! Er, so to speak. Gee, 50% is a lot of travel. I hope you get to go to cool places at least. :)

rebecca said...

WHAT????!!! Hell, honey, we're expecting MORE posts, about your fabulous travels!