Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Day 3

It sounds like the Iranian Hostage days - doesn't it? feared.....

I'm having a brain fart and not thinking of anything interesting to blog. Right now I'm blogging in my head during the day, but nothing to computer. But my mornings aren't in place yet and my evenings are decompression time. Night time is trying to settle down for 4-5 hours of sleep. I wish I could do more, but right now I'm too wound up I guess.

It's like being back at my old job. In bed at 11a. Awake at 4:30 and out of bed at 5:15. My first day commute was 21 minutes door to door. Yesterday, due to closing of two lanes of road, it went to 50. But I wasn't preparing for 50. I have one big pet peeve: being late. I could care less if other people are late (to a degree), but I cannot stand being late. Especially on my 2nd day of work.

So, I'm planning on an early leave today....which you just know I'll get there in 15 minutes and have an hour to kill before I'm supposed to be there.

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