Monday, April 28, 2008

Take a Picture

You might have thought that you'd get normal tourist-y pics from me. But you should all know me well enough to know that ain't happening. Ok, maybe you'll get one or three.

Here is a model of THE new construction project in Vegas. $8 billion dollars. Yes - BILLION. Hotels. Conference Center. Casino. Shopping. 14,000 parking spaces. 12,000 new jobs (upon completion - does not include the construction workers).

Here is the real thing, as seen from our hotel room. I could count 22 cranes on this site, but according to the site, at its peak, it will have 39. Construction goes on 6 days per week for about 18 hours per day. The scary thing - it will be completed in 2009. I would have guessed 2012.

Even the visitor center, which is now open, cost $24 million!!!!

This is the PowerShot (how porn sounding) that is at the top of the Stratosphere. Denton is one of those people up there.

This ride was closed. This seems worse than the PowerShot. Hanging and twirling. Out in
mid -air. 1,149 feet from the ground. No thank YOU! But to be fair, it's not the fall that will kill you - it's the sudden stop.

Yes....I had the song (along with altered lyrics) in my head for a good part of the day.

We at this sammich shoppe. For the entire time I somehow want to break into the Bugs Bunny routine of "I now dub thee, Sir Loin"

Not a bad shot, if I say so myself. Taken from Bellagio, after I had just cashed out from the Roulette table (and yes, I won). The dancing fountains on a weekend night go off every 15 minutes. This was the last thing we saw before going back to the hotel to get our shit packed. Oh that.

Not a completely horrible shot of me. ...and you know how I feel about my pictures.

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