Monday, April 14, 2008

Fast Car

Honestly, I wasn't going to post today.

I had so much work to do, as I was doing in-state travel today and I leave for DC tomorrow morning, that I was going to let a day slide with no post.

But as luck (?) would have it, a post just kind of came out of to speak.

Poor little Viggo went and died on me (again) today. 1 year, 1 month and 1 day since he did last time. .....but who's counting?

Last time it was in my work parking garage. Today it was driving up I-77. Lights came on, power went down and I made it to the side of the road with a few seconds to spare. ...and on a plus note, it was about 300 feet from a rest area.

Unfortunately, I was not alone. I was transporting my chief medical officer as well. And she had to be back in Cleveland for an appointment. Ooops.

A call to Roadside Assistance and my car dealer to let them know I'd be coming and to have me a loaner was all I could do. Then it was a waiting game ("oh the waiting game sucks, let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!").

Now, I told Roadside Assistance there were two of us that would need a ride back to my dealer. It must have fallen on deaf ears. In a way it worked out, but not because of anything they did.

My doctor had to get back, so she called someone she knew and they picked her up. I was cool with that. I felt bad she was stuck, not with me, but because of me.

About 7-8 minutes after her ride showed, the tow truck showed. Eeeeek. As you can see it was a flatbed and I was hoping I could sit in my car on the bed. No such luck. I got to sit in the front cab with these two. In between them, I might add .....and with their miniature doberman pincher. At least the doggie was cute.

These guys got my car on the truck in what I swear was less than a minute. Not only have these guys seen Gone in 60 Seconds, they were probably the inspiration. Everything about them said "work release" or "on parole". ...right down to the spiderweb tatts that ran all up and down their neck. Purdy.

The doggie was thrilled to see me. I'm sure I broke every training rule. He (?) was on my lap and just in my face, kissing me all over....and of course, I let him. Then he (?) just curled up on my lap. I petted him the entire way, more out of something to do than to have to make conversation with these guys.

So, we'll see what's wrong with the car this time. In six months my warranty is up. This is a Volvo - I don't know I could afford repairs that aren't covered. I might have to swap out cars within the next half a year.

I currently have a Volvo loaner. A V70, instead of my V50. It's like Viggo, just on steroids. And it's brand-spanking-new. 57 miles on it. Mind you, I'll only be driving it to long term parking and pack, but it's still pretty sweet. And it has new car smell. ooooooooooooh. "we'll be right back".

Song by: Tracy Chapman

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