Friday, April 25, 2008

AntiChrist Superstar

No - it's really not stigmata. I couldn't get an index finger into either hole (that's what she said!).

It is just normal wear and tear from wearing my slingbacks sandals for a few days and walking a few extra miles per day than I normally do. I don't think that this foorwear was made for this kind of activity.

Something about the desert and my feet do not go well together. When we were here with Garkawe back in 2002 (?), my heels took a beating. They became dried, cracked and painful. It took years - really! - of pumicing and a gigundo tube of Miracle Foot Cream to get them back to somewhat normalcy. That is somewhat - not back to the soft and supple way they had been.

Well, all that work is now all shot to shit. I'm back to square one. Sandals, sun, heat, walking and the pool are not a skins best friend. And instead of bringing my footcare products with me, I just used the crappy hotel lotion. DO NOT DO THIS!!!

That crap has alcohol in it. It seeped into those deeply formed lines in my heels and burned. Ouchy.

So Monday, it is back to my pumice stone and Miracle Foot Cream.

Song by: Marilyn Manson

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