Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sun Sun Sun Sun

I'm bad about blogging when I'm on vacation. You don't see that a lot because I don't go on vacation a lot. Sad to say, the last time we went away was in July 2006!!!! We met Garkawe & Duck in NYC and saw Madonna in concert too.

Technically, I don't know I would call this a "vacation". Denton is working and hard at that. I'm just crashing at the hotel is company is paying for. This Vegas trip is more of a get away.

The weather is nice buy weird. Warm, but cold. 85 degrees with gusts of wind up to 40 miles per hour. The pool was great, even if there were mini-white caps on it. Getting out was painful. I practically froze my nips off.

And though I know better and Jon told me to do it - I did not wear sunscreen. I was outside at the pool for 90 minutes and burned my scalp.....and other places. The wind made it seem cooler than it was UV ray-wise. So even though it wasn't really cold out this evening at dinner (we ate outside), I re-froze my nips off.

I did the pool all on my own, as the man is working all day. We do dinner and that's it. Take tonite for example - we went to a nice French bistro. The food and wine were good....the service was nice too. But I saw something on the menu that made me laugh and laugh.

I'll assume that the French don't see Mac & Cheese as a neither one of those ingredients are. But when you're trying to appeal to the aveage american - you do what you what is needed to pull them into your establishment.

As for the average Las Vegas "guest", it became all too apparent on the plane what I was getting into. I'm feeling a lot better about myself after the Travis Hafner comment. The plane ride was an affirmation too - I was the most attractive man on the bird. No small feat when there was 230 folks on the frickin' plane.

I was also the only one not sporting mutliple items of bling. And by 'multiple', I mean any. I was also on the thin side.

The poor lady in front of me who could barely fit in her seat and called her fiance to tell him this, and adding, "I mean, you could NEVER fit!". What a pretty wedding that will be. Or won't be. I overheard her telling the guy sitting next to her "we're getting married on February 29, 2012. HA! A four year engagement. I sooo desparately wanted to lean up and say "it is so never going to happen!"

Then during the flight she'd have some outbursts about needing to land so she could go gamble! I'm like "lady, there are 2.5 more hours to go!"

And not for nothing, but the couple next door are going at it. Yes, doing the nasty. Her moaning. His rhythm. Oh's over already. Someone should have a talk with that boy about pacing himself.

Song by: Marti Jones

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