Saturday, April 26, 2008


First off - I fixed the imageless post from 4/24.

Tis our last day in Vegas. We fly out tomorrow. Separately. I hate that. But Denton's business was weird about how they arrange flights. Even though direct was cheaper, he's on a multi-carrier, multi-stop that is more expensive. But the biz has some kickback with the travel agency and it just sucks.

But believe it or not, I have yet to gamble this trip. I'm not against it - I just don't do it much. Slots bore me - even though when Morty, Garkawe and I came here in 1992 (!!!!!), Quartermania is the most expensive thing we played. Honestly, I think it was all we could afford.

I would see the slots where you could put a $5 token in and I was just amazed that someone would drop that in one take. Yeah - I'm cheap. But then we saw the ones with $500 tokens and I about blanched!

I do like roulette, though I'll never do anything more than the $10 minimum table. If it gets to $15, I'm outta there. I will most likely play that today - our last day. I'll take maybe $200 and see what damage I can do. I've never really lost - at worst I come out even, at best I once walked away with about $600.

I know enough to stop, but I can easily see how people dig themselves in. "Ok, I'm down $100, but if I just spend this $50, maybe I can break even....." ....and so it goes. Poof! All of the sudden you're Art Schlichter - stealing your sister in law's wedding ring to gamble some more.

There is nothing out here I want (or need) to buy, so that's where some money will go. I know it is like throwing it away - but there's just the possibility, I'll win big!


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