Friday, April 04, 2008

Hot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)

You could see it coming. Or I could.

Just cruising up I-71 at 80 mph as I am apt to do. You can say what you want about my driving ability, but I have never ever been ticketed. I've been stopped three times, sure, but let go each and every time. It must be my incredible good looks.

So yes, while traveling at this speed and changing lanes, what do I do? Well, I pull out my trusty digital camera and start taking pictures. Who doesn't want to see the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile?

It's not the first time I've seen it though. My first time I was maybe 3-4 years old. It was parked across the street from Sautters, a grocery store in Sylvania. I have this vague memory that it was in a car repair lot. A broken wiener. (Been there!)

For as long as we lived there, that day forward, I looked for the Wienermobile - never to be seen there again.

Many decades later (ok, three!), Denton and I took my niece Katie (then maybe 3) to see it and 'they' (whomever 'they' may be) were also having a contest to sing the Oscar Mayer Wiener song. I was going to be a stage uncle.

The Wienermobile never showed. NEVER showed!!!

Not killing myself, my passengers or other motorists to get these pictures was totally worth it!!

.....and how fun would it have been to have gotten a picture of this "car" going into a tunnel?

Song by: Perry Como


Anonymous said...

Looks like the weinermobile has a cockpit.

rebecca said...

Leave it to you to remember seeing the weinermobile when you were THREE OR FOUR!!!

Who remembers shit like that???