Tuesday, September 04, 2007

See You In September

Oh wait - it already is.

It seems I've been off-line the last few days. Between work and the long holiday weekend, it was kind of a nice break, though I feel guilty for not making an effort. Truth be told - I normally feel guilty anyway. You pick the subject.

No matter what Juror #8 in Serial Mom says - fashion has not changed. No more white after Labor Day folks.

The weekend was ok. Nothing spectacular. I didn't get back from my work travel until Friday night. I was wiped and we did nothing. But Saturday and Monday we did something we've never done - watched part of the Cleveland Air Show.

Oh - do not get me wrong. We didn't pay to go. Surely you know I'm cheap. I wasn't paying $17 a piece to attend massive lulls in between a few aerobatics and potential crashes. No - on Saturday we just went to Edgewater Park and watched from afar. We only watched the Air Force Thunderbirds. I will say they were impressive from what we could see. It was a few miles away, but those fighter jets had to turn around somewhere and Lakewood was it.

Monday was better. We actually went down to th E. 9th St. pier to watch. This was right next to the airshow...and it was still free. Of course, I've been to the E. 9th St. pier before....mostly for Cleveland Pride, but once to pose nude for Spencer Tunick. But we'd never seen the airshow. I now think we're good for another 10 years.

Yes, there were a few drunks who wanted people to chant "U.S.A.! U.S.A!". No one joined in. On the plus side, I did run into Yvonne DeCarlo.

No sightings of Grandpa, Herman or that poor homely Marilyn.

What else? What else? Oh, my leg (the bionic-ish one) hurt like hell. It has never hurt this bad since surgery 15 years ago. Normally, when a low pressure system approaches (12-36 hrs away) the leg knows it. I might not. I will limp, but usually I am unaware of it. Rarely is there pain.

Not so Sunday morning. I could barely get out of bed. I walked into a picnic limping in pain and everyone was all concerned. Truth be told - so was I. I had checked weather.com and there was no low pressure system or bad weather approaching. A few times my leg seized up to the point where I couldn't actually move for a minute.

I hate to admit it, but I think it is time to see a orthopaedic oncologist for a check-up. It's been a few years. I never felt the need for regular check-ups. The tumor was self-contained and they took most of the femur. There was nothing to spread. I think it is just the plate or the nine pins acting up.

Maybe I just need to stand in a grove of apple trees mouthing "oil can".

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