Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sad Mac - Sad Blobby

As anticipated, the G4 can be fixed - but at a cost. Not a monetary one.

Due to my lack of back-up, I'm going to lose everything on my hard-drive. Some music. Many of the pictures I've taken over the last three years. Achieved blog photos too. And then just some (but not much) work data.

I knew going in that this was the probability. It wasn't any easier to take when hearing the actual words. I was actually kind of sick about it all.

But the pisser of the entire thing was - as I've said before - their 'tude. The hard-drive will be replaced within the week (hopefully), but when asked to get the old hard-drive back, the answer was a resounding 'no'.


It is fried - to them and probably to me. But giving it back is 'against store policy'. Fuck that! When I asked why (about 4 times), I just kept getting that same response.

Ok - I get that they are replacing it and I am not paying for the new one (well, kind of I am - with my $300 extended warranty), but if the issue was them giving me a new hard-drive, had they offered to sell it to me at a reasonable price, I would have bought it back to see what I could recover from it.

It is just bad fucking customer service in my book. ...and here is the true secret to customer service - everything can be done...just factor in time and/or money. Apple was so inflexible, I think they are the ones making me more upset than losing my files.

I think I'm done talking about this - at least until I get the laptop back.

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RJ March said...

This terrified me. I don't have a mac, but the thought of losing my work like that is horrifying.

On a brighter note, a picture of Neil Finn graced our Lifestyle section of today's newspaper. He's here in town, I guess.