Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Rock n Roll Hall o'Fame is Queer

...not that we can vote, but where would your gay, disco-dancing loyalties lie if you could? Three, count 'em - three (!) acts that appeal(ed) primarily to gay audiences are up for induction for the 2008 RnR Hall o'Fame ceremonies.
          • Chic
  • Donna Summer
  • Madonna
Unless RuPaul were on the list - it doesn't get much mainstream gayer than that.

I kind of have an issue with all of these nominees. Yes, they meet the 25 years + in the business, but are any of them Rock and/or Roll? Technically I don't think so. But if so, then really Chic is the winner - but I'm not 100% convinced of that either.

Though Chic have not sold the most records of the three, you can hear their influence in other recordings - thanks to Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards. That includes, Debbie Harry, Diana Ross (both inducted) and yes, Madonna.

But now the Hall is hitting 1983 in the potential timeline for nominees and let's face it - Rock and Roll was becoming sparse. We were moving to new wave, hip hop, rap & and era of nothing but single-serving (as in 45 rpm) soundtracks....most of them featuring Kenny Loggins songs.

Buckle up - because in a year or two, Phil Collins, George Michael and Corey Hart are going to be the lead shoe-ins for induction. ...and it will not be pretty.

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Steve said...

No, it's long lost it's vision. They ain't rock n roll!