Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Tribe Time Now

I had my Record of the Month post all set to go today when life got in the way. What can I say - the Indians clenched the American League Central Division (that's baseball, Jon).

I know most of you (if not all of you - since Tom G rarely reads this blog) don't care. But as g-d is my witness, the Indians shall win a World Series before I die.

I was not at yesterday's last home game of the season, where they snagged the title, but I have been to that game before - in 1997. And what a thrill it is. And this is the best team the Indians have had since 1997, even though we've won the division again in 2001.

Though I am not a Cavaliers fan, it is kind of neat to see two of Cleveland's three pro teams make the playoffs and maybe even the championship. We'll just assume the Browns won't make it a trifecta.

And not to be a dark cloud (shut up David!), but it will be tough for the Tribe to get past Boston, if indeed we have to play them. For 2007, we haven't had a lot of luck against winning against them. Hell, during the last series with them, they shut us out. Hopefully the Wild Card team or the AL West will bonk them. We'll have a better chance against Los Angeles, New York or Detroit.

Then we'll just have to worry about the National League......hopefully.

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