Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sad Mac - Still

I know you're all just dying for an update on my Mac.

I got nothing. NOTHING I tellz ya.

The good news is my warranty is good through November, so it is covered to be fixed. Assuming they can fix it. Apple has been booked solid, but I finally got an appointment tomorrow at 8pm! All they're going to do is say, try the boot up disk (tried it!).

Then they'll just take it and ship it to Apple. It will go away from weeks and return working - with everything I had stored on there wiped out. Mark my words.

Posts have been more frequent than I would have imagined without the Mac, but I haven't seemed to have time to formulate to much - and for that I apologize. And I have a bunch of travel coming up: Houston, Kansas City, Phoenix and of course, DC. Mostly in that order.

It will all be work, but I'm sure I can scrounge up some stories along the way. If nothing else, I know I can pull back a Houston story or two from a dozen years or so ago - which was the last time I was there.

On the up side - there is no reason for me to upgrade my Nano when I have no means to load music into it at this point. At least I'll get out of the Apple store without spending a dime. ....unless I need a new Macbook.

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