Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Powerbook Failure

I am used to blogging most days. True, I don't always feel like it, which is why you have seen me blogging less on weekends and taking days here and there with no posts.

Like an old man who slows down so incrementally that he doesn't notice until it's too late, the same could be said for my Mac.

Though only 3 yrs old, I have seems some slow-downs in performance, but nothing that seemed to be crucial. That is, until two days ago. I had a hard time keeping a connection and now it is to the point I cannot boot it up at all.

Sad Sad Sad.

I will attempt to make an appointment at Apple's "Genius" Bar. I've been there before and have gotten zero help. They may have gotten an 800 on the math portion of their SATs, but I would assume have scored an 80 on any verbal skills. "Dunno" is usually what comes out of their mouth. But with an attitude to boot.

Naturally I will have to do this (ok, I guess I don't have to) on a day when Apple makes a big announcement regarding their new iPods. It is the one time I hope they don't have the product in the store to either look at or to buy. I want to get in - have them help me - and get out.

Before anyone asks if I went on-line to see if I can fix my problem, the answer is yes. As much as I do like their product, the Apple on-line support leaves much to be desired. Like anything else on the nets, for every question there are answers and contradictions to said answers. It is a maze to figure out what is what.

I hate blogging from work - so this is all you'll see of that. But depending on what happens today, my posting may be a bit more sporadic in the upcoming days. Apologies in advance.

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