Monday, September 10, 2007

My Precious

As I alluded to a week or so ago, I shot-down the idea of getting an iPhone for my birthday and that something was coming along that was better (as if!) and would last longer (probably true).

The man and I got ourselves rings. Ok, so technically it was not a present for me - but it kind of was. I wanted them....not just mine. A wedding would be nice, but not quite doable in Ohio....or 48 other states for that matter.

I've said it before, I would be into a wedding for the jewry (as Mitchell would say) and cake. Not necessarily in that order. Oh - and the ability to have a say in each other's healthcare and not to be taxed on inheritance and receive some tax breaks that married couples might. Blah blah blah.
Years ago we got matching like rings in Key West - for $16 a piece. You kind of get what you pay for. They were ok and I wore it for years - until I lost during a drunken evening (I know - you're shocked!) where sub-zero temperatures let it slip off my finger all too easily. I even remember hearing it hitting the ground, but not realizing it was my ring making that sound.

At first I thought I wanted platinum, but it's quite pricey. And it tarnishes! Who knew? I also like tungsten and titanium - which were quite affordable. I mean Jon accuses me of not putting a crowbar in my wallet enough - and don't even start him on the time I thought I found a quarter in a gravel parking lot......after sundown. I can't help it.

But after I was told that many instances, an Emergency Department cannot get tungsten and titanium off if need be. They are very sturdy metal and difficult to cut off, if it ever came to that. I had immediate visions of someone using a nutcracker to break my finger off - or worse - having Gollum biting my finger off to get the one true ring.

These rings aren't any of those metals nor is it the $16 material we got in KW. These are palladium.

The jeweler asked if I had ever heard of palladium, but I got a blank look back when I said 'yes, it was a nightclub in New York'. It turns out to be a precious metal they used to mix with white gold to make it....well.....white. And keep it that way. Apparently they do not use it in white gold anymore and now use it on its own.

I got over the idea years ago of needing to have matching rings. If people need to know we're together, they can look to see if we have a joint checking account or if both names are on the deed to the house. So I have the thicker, brushed metal band, he has the thinner shinier one.

I suppose we could have held onto the rings until we had a wedding or commitment ceremony. But I think it probably would have come down to IF we have one. And it turns out that David & Duck are beating us to the punch and stealing our thunder anyway! They are looking for rings and want to be married in Provincetown in a week or so. (Seriously though - good luck to them.....not that we were technically invited. Fuckers!)

But the piece de resistance had to be who our jeweler was: Little John. Yes, from Big Chuck and Little John fame (whom I kind of wrote about a few months ago).

Let me tell you, if the camera adds ten pounds to you - it must also add 12 inches. He's a little shorter than he looks on TV - and kind of like one of the tellers at Gringotts.

Seriously though, he was extremely professional and nice. ...and not a laugh track in sight.

We are thrilled with the rings, and yes they have inscriptions on the inside and not the out.....mainly because I didn't know elvish.


rebecca said...

Oh honey congrats to you and Denton! I'm teary! Tell us the inscriptions, tell us tell us!

Anonymous said...

I'm all choked up, too! To think, buying your bands of palladium from Little John -it's just so emotional.

In all seriousness, though, how wonderful for you both. Can't wait to see them in person!

Anonymous said...

Je am jalouse!
But, after, what, 700 years, you two should get rings!
So, on which hand do you wear your rings?

Sue said...

Maybe you could write something in Elvish anyhow. Who could read it? It would be so pretty! CONGRATULATIONS!