Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Image of the Day

In conjunction (junction) with my post earlier in the week, the National Building Museum sits right in front of (or possibly in back of) the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.

In a town full of historical and cool architecture, the NBM really stands out. If nothing else, it is red brick (more than 1.5 million of 'em) and not white marble. No small feat in WDC.

Though it is difficult to see (though easier if you click on image to make larger), you might notice the elevators that take you to and from the Judiciary Square Metro station. As I mentioned earlier in the week, both elevator and escalator dump you out right into the middle of the memorial.

Built circa 1885, the building used to house the Pension Bureau. It became the NBM in the 1980s.

The NBM is just as cool inside. A huge lobby with massive columns and a three story or so atrium. It is a perfect place for gatherings and oddly enough, it is the rental of the space that keeps it in the black. It is a great space for one the the umpteen inaugural balls that goes on every four years.

Getting into the museum is free, though donations are accepted. Denton is a museum member, as he is very into architecture, urban geography and city planning. It also contains what is possibly the best museum gift shoppe in DC. I have a cool tie that has the city streets of Rome all over it. They now seemingly have them for most major cities: New York, London, Paris, Munich (mmmm....everyone talk about, Pop Muzik) DC and a few other cities. Ok, I don't really know if they have a tie for Munich....but I cannot pass up a good MTV / 1981 reference.

I had nothing to do with the picture, other than point, click and shoot. No editing or enhancing of the colours has been done.

The blue of the sky, the green of the trees and red building and even the white of building to the left along with the cement in the memorial just works together perfectly. The forces of nature and time made the photo possible. I was just in the right place at the right time.


Anonymous said...

Great pic! Maybe we can attend President Kucinich's inaugural ball here in 2009!

Blobby said...

I'm thinking President Bloomberg