Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Morning View

Like anyone cares - but here is a view of my workstation. Yes, I didn't have a blog post prepared for the day. My bad.

It is the first time in umpteen years I don't have a private office. ...and you know what? It's not that horrible. The entire office is a very open workspace - and at least there are no cubes per se. (you can click on image to make bigger.)

There is enough blockage of partitions for privacy - kind of, but not everything is blocked off by crappy metal, plastic and material.

My desk is usually this cleaned up at end of the week, but it doesn't get a lot messier.


Anonymous said...

Wow - all those windows are great flat surfaces onto which you could hang posters, calendars, and tons of post-its!

Sue said...

Well you have a great view and could have lots of plants. I miss my cubicle.