Thursday, May 10, 2007

....This Just In....

Yes - Gonzales is testifying again. Yes - 11 republicans told Shrub they have no confidence in him. Yes - fires, floods, droughts, tornadoes head all the weather reports. And of course, there is always American Idle (and no, that's not a typo).

The more interesting news seems to get buried.

TALLAHASSEE, Florida (AP) -- Prosecutors issued arrest warrants Tuesday for eight former prison employees accused of abusing inmates, including forcing some to clean toilets with their tongues.

The eight were among 13 prison employees who had already been fired from the 605-inmate medium and minimum security wards at the Hendry Correctional Institution in the Everglades.

The previous warden and an assistant warden resigned, and three others were reassigned after an inmate was beaten and choked by guards in March.

State prisons chief Jim McDonough said the warrants include charges of battery and failing to report inmate abuse against former guards William Thiessen, Phillip Barger and Randy Hazen, Gabriel Cotilla, Kevin Filipowicz, Ruben Ibarra and Stephen Whitney. Fired guard James Brown was charged with grand theft.

Some inmates were given choices of eating their food off the floor or providing sexual favors to guards, McDonough said.

"We had cases where inmates were compelled under threat of force to clean a commode with their tongues," McDonough said. "These were improper, illegal heinous and despicable acts and it was done apparently in an organized and conspiratorial fashion."

Though the toilet licking would definitely put it in the fetish category - the rest is nothing more than your typical gay porno movie all-male adult video entertainment.

It reminds me of a story when Morty rented and 'watched' Men In Uniform. I asked him for the plot lines. His review was priceless: "first there were men in uniforms....and then they weren't". He never mentioned if there was urinal licking.

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Sue said...

Its a sad world we live in boys.