Sunday, May 06, 2007

Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln.....

You know how movie theatres rotate ads and trivia on the screens before the previews even start? Years ago while waiting for some movie at the Drexel, in Columbus, to begin, an ad for CATCO appeared - Live Theatre: It Won't Kill You.

My immediate and audible response was: 'oh yeah? tell that to Abraham Lincoln!'.

It got chuckles from people sitting around me, but not my friend Todd or his dim-bulb date.

Last night we went to go see Lincolnesque. It was an ok play at best that revolves around a congressional speechwriter and his brother who thinks he is Abraham Lincoln. Hilarity is supposed to, but doesn't, ensue. Not really. Not that you would know it from the cackling woman behind me. I guess it had potential, but it never hit its marks.

The play certainly tried to tie modern day politics to Civil War era and does so with all the subtlety of a freight train in the second act.

The worst part of the evening happened before the play started and involved having to sit in our seats listening to the Capitol Steps being played through the p.a. system. Is it just me who thinks they are the bastard step-children of Mark Russell? They are just never as funny as they (and the cackling woman behind me) think they are.

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