Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Casualty of War

The war in Iraq has claimed another one: Cindy Sheehan.

War supporters can say all they want about her - so can war detractors. But she put a face on an anti-war movement. Not a celebrity face or a political one. But a human one. A parental one. An american one.

Stating on the Daily Kos that she has failed her fallen son, she is giving up her anti-war protest and heading home. Disillusioned with both the Republicans (duh!) and even the Democrats (hard to argue with that one too) - and that both parties care more about their own political lives than the ones they've sent to fight and die. I hear Cindy Sheehan's cry - especially with the Democrats. She could easily be seen as mobilizing them to win 2006 mid-terms, which it took all of 4.5 mos after starting their term before they fucking folded like a house of cards.

Is it just me, or are there no faces/voices of anti-war? Vietnam had so many. And I'm not talking the famous folks who spoke against that war. I'm talking of the people who became famous for speaking against it. There is no Chicago Seven with Iraq. It's a shame actually.

I always wonder if Bush could have avoided such public scrutiny if he had taken 10 minutes to meet with Cindy Sheehan. Maybe it would have opened up the flood gates for parents of soldiers. But maybe not. If any other parent of a soldier has been vocal about their loss, or the war in general, they haven't made a dent on the national front.

Who is out there who will be so vocal now? Dennis Kucinich? He's got the right attitude. Unfortunately, Cindy Sheehan got more press coverage.

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Sue said...

After congress gave into the W I just can't take it anymore and I will be at until further notice.