Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yet another installment in the drudgery that is everyday shopping. The camera-phone makes it a bit more fun - though I get looks whenever I take pics of products. Like I care what people think!

I don't know why this struck me as so funny - but it did. The popcorn does not seem to be Disney-sanctioned.

And except for using the snack to "Feed the Birds" - I have no other Mary Poppins tie-ins, puns or jokes. I got nothing. Tis a sad day.

When my oldest niece was little, instead of Raffi or Barney, she listened to the soundtracks to Mary Poppins and the Music Man, day in and day out. I blame my mother for that one. These would be the only music my parents purchased since Benny Goodman or Glen Miller's deaths. So I've been exposed to most of the music at one point or another.

And yet I don't even know Ms. Poppins. I've never seen it. The closest I get is the Simpsons version of Shary Bobbins. And you might be thinking it, but I'll say something Rebecca mentioned to me almost a decade ago: 'everything comes back to the Simpsons!'

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rebecca said...

No, it's beautiful, isn't it??? It's like the new bible.

I LOVE Gary Poppins Popcorn! Honey that's perfect. You don't even need to go anywhere with that. Just stay with it. Stay with it.




Good boy!