Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's official: We have 'help'.

I cannot say I am comfortable with the prospect, but on the other hand there is something satisfying about the results.

My paternal grandparents always had 'help'. As a child I was more comfortable with them, only because they were like family. Hell, Carrie, Mrs. Price or even college student Bill Bissmeyer took more interest in us kids than Grandma Tuffy ever did. No my father's last name wasn't Tuffy - it was their dog's name. She liked us calling her that (or so I'm told) since I think she cared more for her dog(s) than her own children or grandkids. It's ok - we liked the dogs better than her anyway. Oddly enough, my mother isn't thrilled when I try to get her grandkids to call her Grandma Murphy or Grandma Bonkers. She's definitely not down with Grandma Spook.

But I digress. Denton made these cleaning arrangements. Not me. From the get-go, I wasn't sure about it all. My trepidation wasn't about having someone I didn't know in the house while we weren't there - though I wasn't great with that. I was not happy that the cats wouldn't like it - I am an overprotective dad that way. I wasn't even shelling out money for someone to do the things we don't. Ok - maybe that's part of it. I even worried that she was older and made Denton check our liability insurance if she croaked while working in the house.

Granted we haven't been good at keeping house, but it is not a pig pen either. It's a big house. To any person passing though - things seem neat and tidy - but I don't know that I would call the 'clean'. Sure, we would do the deep clean for events, but not everyday living.

What I think my hesitation really comes down to is guilt. 80% or so. Maybe it's racial. Maybe it's economics I don't know. 10% is just embarrassment that someone has to clean for us. Or does that just tie into the guilt?

Yes, we have a big house and we work long hours and I travel a lot for work. Some things fall by the wayside. We try to do most of the things around the house ourselves - I do believe we are the only one in our neighborhood who does their own yardwork. And there is the other 10%: justification.

The house looks and smells nice - and she's only coming twice per month, so I'm trying to deal with that. But in reality, I'm letting Denton deal with that.

....and I just thought I'd let you know, our hired help husband's name? Jimmy Walker

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rebecca said...

It DID smell nice and clean! I can attest!

Well, sweetie, look at it this way: You're giving someone who didn't have the educational benefits you and your partner had an opportunity to put bread on her table.

Is her name really 'Florida'?