Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Hasta Luego

I had my Shopping with Blobby post already to go before Alberto V05 decided to resign. I guess you'll get that tomorrow.

As much as I have been rallying for this to happen, I have to say it took me by surprise.

Albee (as I just affectionately nicknamed him, just as I typed this) has had full support of the Bush administration. He has faced an ineffectual congress - one that isn't even currently in session, I might add. And he has seemingly gotten away with murder. Or at least torture. Not only gotten away with it - but condoned it and signed off on it too.

So my question is: why now?

My original thought is - something else is coming down the pike that hasn't been made public. It is probably just my cynical and paranoid mind. Probably.

I still love how Bush says that this whole thing has been politicized. I just laugh and laugh when politicians say that. For g-d's sake - it is WASHINGTON. Taking a crap is a political statement. And yes, it is political. When you have a guy who fires people due to trying to help sway an election, or sanction torture at the hands of the military - guess what? IT'S POLITICAL.

But anyone who thinks that Mr. V05 was this smart on his own has clearly got their head in the sand.

My secondary thought to my 'why now' question revolves around the Turdblossom himself - Mr. Rove. I have to believe there is a connection between his 'exit' and the AG.

I'd say that 'it's over', but it's not. If John Ashcroft has taught us anything: The only thing worse than the devil you know, is the one that you don't.

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rebecca said...

I guess you have to say something, huh? It's been politicized. Honestly. Why not just, I made a poopy on the potty! That's what mmy three year-old would say, anyway.

I have no feeling about V05 resigning. Still...can't...feel...anything. Maybe the election will change that.

Maybe not.