Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella

Yes, I posted it was my birthday the other day - and I'm ok with that. I wasn't soliciting for birthday wishes - honest! But thanks to all those who provided them.

No offense to others, but the best (well, second best after Denton's card) had to come from Rebecca.

To all of you who say I don't smile enough in my pictures: ARE YOU HAPPY NOW???

Unfortunately, the picture hasn't been altered that the antennae. I'm sure I have glasses similar to those. I am sure when I drink have a cold, my nose gets that red. I KNOW I have eyebrows just like those....though Becky might have referred to them as 'batwings' in her upcoming novel (have you pre-ordered it yet???)

To be fair, Becky did not do this to my picture. I did. She just provided me to the tools to do such things.

Overall, I just don't care for the birthday attention - though I'm sure I've blogged that before on some other birthday. Imagine my surprise when on a four hour drive to a client site, I had a conference call. Somehow, someway someone on the call knew it was my birthday. I know I didn't tell anyone.

When I get to the client site, which by the way I am only temporarily covering, and they have a cake for me. Granted it was from Wal-Mart (and disgusting) but still, they say it is the thought that counts. I cannot deny it was a great gesture from people I barely know.

Still.....the attention.....ick.

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rebecca said...

My husband's take on my take on attention: Not too much, not too little.

I put the same things on you when I was testing this out, ROR!