Wednesday, August 22, 2007

By the Sea

Well, we went out to dinner last night with friends, but I was told I was forbidden to blog about them. I told them they thought that now, but when I actually didn't they would feel slighted. Only time will tell.

But earlier in the day, I received a call from Becky who is vacationing in Rehoboth. We were to join her, but work issues got in the way. Part of me is glad we didn't get to go - as it has been raining there constantly. That and the near drowning of her kids!!!

Anyhoo....she called to ask me if I remembered an eavesdropping moment at the same beach maybe a decade or so ago.

Ok - she knew I'd remember, so what she was really asking was to relay it. She was trying to tell her father-in-law the story.

But Denton, Becca and I were lounging in our chairs chatting away at Poodle Beach and these guys behind us were working an NYT or Washington Post crossword puzzle. "Who was Ronald Reagan's secretary of state?" one of the guys kept asking. Yes, I immediately knew even though it was umpteen years after that administrations time in power. "Haig"....I said...just under my breath, but loud enough where my crew heard me.

"Let's see....I don't think it was X" (I can't remember who he said). "Haig" I said again, and once again sotto voce. "It's four letters." "Haig!" I said louder but not loud enough, where my friends were just openly chuckling at this point.

"Who was it?" I think this may have gone one two or three more times where I didn't even turn around and said in a voice where he could finally finish the clue, "It's Haig. Alexander Haig!".

"Oh yeah!"

Glad that was over. Kind of. I amused my friends.

Then Becky went on about how she was proofreading a book for someone and the person interchanged 'plaque' and 'plague'. And we just sat there making up sentences using either or both inappropriately. Laughing laughing laughing. Now it was these guys' turn to listen to us.

But then to my other side, some newly gay boy was reading Tales of the City. "The characters are like my family......."

Rain or not - work be damned.....maybe we should have gone this year.

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