Friday, August 03, 2007

Girls on Film

There's a camera rolling on her back, on her back And I sense the rhythm humming in a frenzy all the way down her spine

Yesterday I came back from most of the week on the road only to find that I was scheduled to have a professional portrait taken of me for what I'm assuming is our corporate website.

Lipstick cherry all over the lens as she's falling
In miles of sharp blue water coming in where she lies

I wasn't prepared for this - and did not dress appropriately. I had to borrow a sport coat and a tie. Neither would be ones I would own, but I guess they did the job. The chances of them being in black and white are highly probable so I'm not horrible worried - at least with wardrobe selection.

The diving man's coming up for air cause the crowd all love pulling dolly by the hair, by the hair
And she wonders how she ever got here as she goes under again

I think the last time I sat for a picture like this would be for a fraternity composite. Not unlike the few of us yesterday having this done - that time was also pretty much blue blazers, solid colour shirt and a rep tie. And it is what I probably would have worn had I known about this....except for the rep tie....I don't own those.

Wider baby smiling you just made a million
Fuses pumping live heat twisting out on a wire

One of the women I worked with had her pictures taken before I did. She was a natural and was done in what seemed to be two minutes. Even the photographer said, "Well you were easy." And as g-d is my witness I couldn't stop myself and immediately chimed in, "Oh, it's not the first time she's hear that." Afterwards I felt bad about saying it, but as Sarah repeatedly told the story she was hysterical (in a funny way) about it and said afterward the photographer wouldn't even look her way again. But she also said, "I thought it, you said it".

Take one last glimpse into the night I'm touching close I'm holding bright, holding tight
Give me shudders in a whisper take me up till I'm shooting a star

Then it was my turn. I stood there, turning my shoulders one way, my chin(s) another - dropping it and raising it as directed, some smiling, some not. All the while a raging thunderstorm was right beyond the backdrop this guy was using. There was much more electrical activity outside than in this guy's lighting system.

It was a red-hot photo session inside and out.


rebecca said...

Honey somebody hacked your site with Juran-Juran lyrics and a nasty font. Thought you'd want to know!

RJ March said...

lol, rebecca-- i was wondering the same thing!

Blobby said...

Ok Ok Ok. It is FIXED. sheeeeesh.

But Simon and the Boys will NOT be denied!!!!!